CrossPOD (Self-Standing 1point cane)

Patent registered: Patent No. 6590177 (made in Japan)

  • 自立脚を閉じた状態と開いた状態

    -- Red Dot Award 2022 Winner --

    CrossPOD is a one-point cane that can be stood stably anywhere with an opening and closing leg at the tip of the cane. You can walk naturally, because the tip rubber is one point. When you want to put it away, such as a toilet, cash register, restaurant, waiting room, bedside, etc., you can stand it anywhere by opening the retractable legs widely.

    The leg opening/closing unit at the tip of the cane is compact and lightweight, and the total weight of the cane is 360g, making it easy to open and close.

  • CrossPOD サイズ、箱サイズ


    ●Total length about 75cm-97cm. 2.5cm interval 10step adjustment)
    ●Adaptation height about 145cm-185cm
    ●Product weight 360g
    ●Material Shaft/Aluminum Grip/Wooden (Canadian maple)
    ●Pipe diameter Handle side/19mm. Cane tip/16mm
    ●Foot rubber inner diameter 16mm
    ●Comes in an original box perfect for gifts
    ●original box size:
      Length 77cm Width 13cm Height 6cm
    ●Note: This product is a free-standing 1-point cane, not a 4-point cane.
    ※The four legs that can be opened and closed are intended to make the cane stand on its own and cannot withstand heavy loads.

  • About Red Dot Award 2022
    ※The Red Dot Design Award (Germany) is one of the three major design awards in the world, along with the iF Design Award (Germany) and the IDEA Design Award (USA).
    Hosted by the "Nord Rhine-Westphalia Design Center" in Essen, Germany, it is a world-renowned design award with a history of more than 60 years since its establishment in 1955. 
  • CrossPOD 立てた様子
  • CrossPOD 歩く様子


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  • RKB「世界一の九州が始まる!」でCrossPODが特集されました。

    CrossPOD was featured in RKB TV program