Film-type transparent mask"Hard mask MG-1"(mouth guard)

Design registered No. 1689659 patent pending (made in Japan)

●It is a splash prevention mask that uses a film and has excellent resistance to penetration.The film attached to the top of the front of the frame prevents the spread of splashes.By attaching the shape bar to the tip of the chin, the lower part of the front film is squeezed to close the gap between the face and the face. It is small It prevents splashes without blocking the nose and mouth It can be worn over a paper cloth mask and can be worn together to increase the defense power It is a mask that can be washed with water and disinfected with alcohol and can be used repeatedly You can hang it around your neck with the neck strap. Replacement film MG-1 Replacement film 5 sheets are available separately.
 ●Dimensions Width 159mm Depth: 59mm Height: 100mm
 ●Product weight about 18g
 ●Material Frame shape bar PP polypropylene Film PP polypropylene
 ●Shielding film 3 sets included
 ●Includes neck strap

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  • MG-1 機能説明

    ■The front and top surfaces are covered with a wide shield surface to prevent splashes from spreading and entering.■

  • MG-1 装着イメージ画像
  • MG-1 ネックストラップ

    ■With neck strap■

  • MG-1 紙マスクの上から

    ■It is cool in summer and can be worn twice over a paper cloth mask in winter to increase the defense power.■

■ How to install the film ■

■ How to install the top film ■