Small general-purpose face shield"Face guard FG-1"

Design registered No. 1681390 patent pending(made in Japan)

It is a highly versatile face shield that fits various daily scenes due to its miniaturization.The film is held near the center of the face, so it is difficult to deform and stable holding is possible.This allows the film to be brought closer to the face. We were able to reduce the size to the same size as the face while ensuring the range to prevent bruising. By attaching the shape bar to the tip of the chin, the lower part of the front film is squeezed to reduce the gap between the face and the face. Can be washed with water and disinfected with alcohol, etc., and can be used repeatedly Can be hung around the neck with the included neck strap Replacement film FG-1 Replacement film 5 pieces are available separately

 ●Dimensions Width 159mm Depth: 64mm Height: 198mm
 ●Product weight about 20g
 ●Material Frame shape bar PP polypropylene Film PP polypropylene
 ●Shielding film 3 pieces
 ●Includes neck strap

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  • FG-1 機能説明

    ■The film can be made smaller because the gap between the face and the face is small.■

  • FG-1 装着イメージ画像
  • FG-1 ネックストラップ

    ■With neck strap■